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Dec 25, 2012 1:00am EST
you heard anything at all? >> "24" and "homeland" are popular not just in germany and u.k. but in jordan and turkey. "24" is a huge hit in iran. it's beamed in illegally by -- you're not getting paid for it? >> no. but i do think. >> but it's smuggled in a lot. the actor is persian and has a lot of connections in iran and he's been tracking "homeland" in iran. >> it is stunningly popular but i've read a few criticisms of the show and to the extent that we make piss people off on every side of the aisle and are embraced by them too is a good thing. one thing i did learn is that as an export, as a public face, we do have some responsibility, some influence on -- this is an american export and we are good at this. we make really good movies and television shows. it is what the world sees of us. and there was a book by a researcher at the gallop organization and they polled people in egypt what is your feeling about americans. i don't like america but i like americans. and a very small percentage had never met an american. and they said how dow know and the answer was "friends". >> ba
Dec 11, 2012 1:00am EST
on a global economy. those from harvard are competing globally with students from china, germany, brazil. tavis that transform the way we think about education? do you think your role as straining american leaders? are you looking at attracting global leaders? >> there are so many questions. let me address a few of them. there are numerous kind of statistics that we have a preeminence of college graduates in our populations and levels of participation. we are losing this. we have once last three of the world's college graduates. that is an interesting illustration of a shift in the dynamism. i see this when i travel. a huge commitment to public resources. huge energy to enthusiasm of higher education. india wants 1500 new universities by 2020. alicia's in a meeting about hong kong this week. i learned that hong kong university is expanding undergraduate education from three years to four years because they think it is not giving students enough time. there are all these buildings going up. here we are being told in the united states that maybe we should reduce ourselves from four
Dec 10, 2012 8:00pm EST
used in germany, of the national manufacturing innovation hubs. that is something we will to promote in a second term and expand further. >> over here. >> thank you. every child matters. i applaud you for your comments about the need not to have less having money for children versus money for research and other vital needs in the domestic discretionary budget. the question is, where do we find more revenue? and have you considered taxes on stock transfers and stock transactions or other kinds of innovative -- carbon taxes, other kinds of approaches where we can find new revenue that it would be possible for us to have amongst ourselves for important resources? >> it is going to shock you to know that i'm not here to make news on a new revenues. we are busy fighting right now to make sure that we have a budget agreement that is very balanced, and part of that balance is having enough high income revenues together with smart entitlement savings. that is the balance that people talk about the most. the other balances to make sure that you are putting together a package that does not han
Dec 31, 2012 10:00am EST
they would enter the war on the side of germany, the central powers, they would help mexico invade the united states and take the states of texas, new mexico, and arizona and give them to the country of mexico. so the united states entered the war on april 7, 1917. h.r. 3159 would create a commission to commemorate the 1th00 anniversary of world war i. over 116,000 americans died in world war i. that's more than in korea, vietnam, and both iraq wars and afghanistan combined. madam speaker, to my left is a photograph of american doughboys as they were called because of the color of their uniform, going over out of a trench over the top as it was called in world war i. primarily teenagers like most of our wars. the teenagers go to fight those wars. and they are leaving the trench going into what is called no man's land. those americans served along with their allies in world war ii. two u.s. presidents served in world war i, harry truman, dwight eisenhower. and if world war ii veterans were known as the greatest generation, then world war i veterans should be known as the selfless ge
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)